HEXGO is an exclusive and private collection of 10,000 NFT cards built on the Ethereum blockchain using the industry-leading ERC-721 token.

Endorsed by many crypto entrepreneurs, crypto whales, and celebrities in the NFT industry. Featured on Yahoo, Fox, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Tech Times, LA weekly, Bitcoinist, Cryptopolitan, Zcrypto, and over 40 more. 

"Hexgo is the #1 NFT everyone should be buying and holding in a bear market" - MarketWatch


Fed up with the pump and dump NFT projects? Frustrated with seeing over 95% of NFT projects fail? Tired of seeing the same copycat animal NFT projects? Frustrated with watching your NFTs drop in value? Goats, bears, lions, ducks, birds, cats, dogs etc…What’s next, sheep? Most NFT projects are created on pure greed and bad intentions. I don’t know about you, but I am getting annoyed and frustrated seeing all these types of NFT projects fail. I created Hexgo to disrupt the NFT industry and be the first powerhouse NFT brand to offer huge value and longevity to all members. No more pumps and dumps, No more rug pulls, No more BS. -Mike Fraleigh


  Registered business

  Online identification 

  Verified accounts

  Heavy-duty utilities

  100% transparency

  20+ office staff

  Innovative and unique

  15+ years experience

  Created on passion

  Committed to project



Hexgo was created to disrupt the NFT industry. We are the #1 Blue-Chip Utility NFT project focused on heavy-duty utilities and long-term value. Sorry, we are not here to sell you more animal pictures…


The Hexgo 10,000 NFT collection is built on the Ethereum blockchain using the industry-leading ERC-721 token. You will own 100% of the Intellectual Property Rights. After minting, the cards will be in "pre-reveal" mode on OpenSea for 7-days. You will not know what type of card you have until the reveal day. 


The Hexgo exclusive reward program is ultra-packed with lucrative rewards and perks. You will be blown away by what we will deliver to all our members. 

  • Virtual Events

  • Physical Events

  • Store Coupons

  • Shopping Discounts

  • Gift Cards

  • Giveaways

  • Prize Draws

  • Merchandise


    The roadmap is built for non-stop action and longevity. We created an innovative and unique long-term roadmap that will keep growing regularly. The roadmap is designed to keep the momentum and hype going every week. This will keep the sales volume consistent, stable and build up the floor price over time.

    If you have ever bought NFTs before, you will know that over 95% of NFTs lose value after the mint and reveal. Then they fade away because the project was only focused on selling out the mint. Not Hexgo! We will not leave you hanging like the rest of the NFT projects. We are here to deliver something new and exciting! No more BS.


      Hexgo is the first NFT project to offer paid and free whitelist tickets. We are a 100% whitelist project focusing on high-quality investors and collectors. We will be very selective on who gets a whitelist spot to avoid quick flips, raffle bots, and minting manipulation.

      The whitelist minting will take place at 8 pm EST. (TBA) There will be 10,000 NFTs, and each whitelist mint spot will be able to mint two NFTs. There will be 1-hour to mint, and any leftover spots will be able to mint publicly.

      1-hour after our whitelist mint, we will be opening the minting to everyone who wants to test their luck on the last mint spots. Usually, 10% of whitelist spots can not mint for many reasons.

      After our NFT deployment to OpenSea, we will instantly buy over 1000 NFTs to prime the Hexgo vault for the first 30-days. We will include many blue-chip NFTs and a unique variety of NFTs.

      Over 95% of all NFT projects stop their advertising and marketing campaigns as soon as they sell out their mint. Unfortunately, these projects didn’t plan a post-mint floor strategy. This causes the sales volume to drop and the floor price to crash for almost all new projects leaving NFT holders in the dark. Not Hexgo! We have built and developed a game-changing floor strategy to stabilize and scale up on a weekly basis.

      This will be a very exciting day! After the mint and deployment onto OpenSea, you will see your NFT in the pre-reveal mode for 7 days. The 10,000 NFT cards will be divided into 7,400 silver cards, 2,500 gold cards, and 100 black cards. Each will have a different rarity and value. You do not want to list your NFT for sale because the first Hexgo vault opening will be the next day after the reveal. Your best return on investment will be holding multiple NFT vault cards long-term, looking for 10x gains.

      After you acquire and secure your NFT vault card, you will be able to connect your wallet address to the famous collabland APP inside our discord server. You will then get instant access and unlock the members-only channels and google drive, giving you access to the member perks and rewards.

      Hexgo will be one of the first projects to host a marketplace on our website. You will be able to access upcoming NFT projects whitelists, merchandise, coupons, discounts, NFTs, and much more.

      You will have six days to enter the secret code contest every week. You will need to enter a secret code to activate your keys to enter into the hexgo vault NFT giveaway. Due to legal regulations and privacy reasons, we can not automatically enter you into the contest. Limited to 10,000 entries per week.

      After you reveal your secret code and activate your keys for the contest, you will be able to log in to the Gleam platform and track everything. Gleam will notify our API system, and we will contact you for further instructions for the NFT airdrop.

      The moment everyone has been waiting for! The gleam automated raffle system will pick the winners that will be able to open the vault. 1 KEY = 1 NFT. Remember, the vault opens every week, and you can check the vault at any time to see what is inside.

      After our first vault opening is complete, we will be starting next week's marketing campaign for the next vault opening. This will make our NFT cards in really high-demand, showing how much value and power they hold for the holders. This will cause a lower percentage of NFTs listed for sale and drive the supply/demand price up. Less listed for sale = floor price increases.

      Introducing the hexgo rewards! We will be releasing new rewards as often as we can. We have a team only focused on building new partnerships and creating more value for our members. Every member will have access to the member portal, which will have virtual events, physical events, store coupons, shopping discounts. gift cards, giveaways, prize draws, merchandise, and much more!

      We want to always keep our members on their toes and excited for the next project reveal. We will be updating everyone with our exclusive partnerships with other NFT projects, crypto companies, alfla groups, tech companies, software companies, metaverse companies, and whoever would be a good fit for the Hexgo brand.

      We have set aside a tiny percentage of black cards for onboarding celebrities. We will be grinding and making collaborations with celebrities in the NFT space. These contract deals take some time, so we wanted to reveal them 30+ days after becoming an established and proven NFT brand.

      This is where it gets more exciting! This vault opening for the bank heist will happen once every month on any random day. This NFT giveaway will include only bluechip NFTs like MAYC, Clone X, Azuki, Meebits, Doodles, Cool Cats, VeeFriends, etc. There will be a member vote for the type of NFTs everyone wants to be in the vault.

      Our black cardmembers will be guaranteed to get whitelist spots to new exclusive NFT projects. We will be partnering with many alfa groups, which will usually give us 100-300 whitelist spots. The leftover amount will be raffled to our gold and silver members. We want to be transparent as possible and not give any false promises like other NFT projects. Therefore, not everyone will be guaranteed a free WL spot.

      Hexgo will expand our team and get a second office location to focus on scaling our NFT brand to new record-breaking levels. We will always make sure we hold the top #1 bluechip utility NFT.

      It’s time for merchandise! We will be releasing our hexgo online store collection where all members will be able to purchase necklaces, shirts, hats, and much more with earned gems in the discord group.

      Hexgo will be partnering with a well known metaverse brand to build the hexgo clubhouse. Since the metaverse is relativity new we will be partnering with other metaverse projects to get it done faster. We are already in contact with companies that we will be able to help us get it done faster than most NFT projects. (TBA)

      Hexgo is the first NFT project to announce purchasing real NFT land on the Satoshi Private Island for all members. Satoshi is a real private island being turned into the crypto capital of the world. Mike Fraleigh applied for for citizenship and Hexgo partnership in 2022. This is a private island owned by 21,000 crypto investors. There will be private villas, commercial offices, resulatants, clubs, bars, and resorts. This is the biggest crypto project in the entire world. (TBA)


    Mike Fraleigh

    Founder & Creator

    Kyle Stad

    Operations Manager

    Taylan Kaplan

    Project Manager

    Andre P.

    Blockchain Manager

    Val Jhon

    Website Manager

    Kat Lunar

    Membership Manager

    Maria Shiela

    Social Media Manager

    Macon Panopio

    Marketing Manager

    Kim Romero

    Ads Manager

    Sabrina Par

    Customer Manager

    Medelyn Cristobal

    Whitelist Manager

    Princess Marasigan

    Graphic Designer

    Dan S.

    3D Designer

    Mark S.

    Blockchain Developer

    Bernadeth Torres

    Customer Specialist

    Hazel Unabia

    Social Media Specialist


    1How do I get a free whitelist spot?
    We will have raffles, contests, and giveaways. Please follow our socials and be active in our discord to win a free whitelist spot.
    2Do you have a paid whitelist option?
    (TBA) Yes , we are the first NFT project to offer this option. We want to focus on high-quality investors and collectors. This way we can avoid quick flips, raffle bots, and trading manipulation.


    1What does mint mean?
    Minting is another word for a pre-sale. If you are on the whitelist, you will be able to mint a HEXGO NFT before it deploys to the NFT market. The mint price will always be lower than the NFT market price.
    2When is the mint date?
    You will be notified 2-weeks before the mint date. We are projected to mint at the end of May 2022.
    3What is the mint price?
    2-weeks before the mint date we will be releasing the mint price. It will be determined by a discord voting poll.
    4How can I mint?
    You will need to connect your crypto wallet to our (Mint.Hexgo.com) page on the day of the mint.


    1How many NFTs are given away weekly?
    We are projected to give away over 250 NFTs every week depending on the value of the NFTs voted by the members.
    2What kind of NFTs will be in the vault?
    Members will get to vote on the type of NFTs they would like to see in the vault every week. It will always be a different variety.
    3How do I enter the weekly contest?
    Every week you will need to log into the gleam portal and register into the raffle contest.
    4Are you following giveaway laws?
    Yes, we have partnered with gleam to follow all rules, laws, and regulations.